Sunday, 17 July 2011

Puff Pastry Frenzy!

Another week has gone!
They do go quickly, don't they?
Well, update for the week:

I've tried to check on The Mews(for the part time seamstress job) last Monday, but it was shut. I guess the boss is still on her holiday. =/
So I'm going to try again tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Don't know what happen to me, but I've been going crazy on puff pastry with Chicken Curry.
On Tuesday, I went over to James' and made Chicken Curry Pie! =D

Chicken Curry Pie with our initial on top, not very clear in this picture. hehe!

The curry paste I used was good! Deli Cafe Chicken Curry paste, highly recommended!

Mr. Fromage trying out his toffee apple! LOL~
They didn't work out in the end as the recipe he made was more like caramel than toffee. Haha!

Here comes my Sunday treat!
Chicken Curry Puffs, the cheating way. =D
Using puff pastry and baked instead of fried.
They turn out quite good and this batch of curry puffs have green peas in them!
Green peas just work so well with the chicken and potatoes. =)

Have quite a number of 'buka mulut' ones as I didn't seal the edge properly.

Love 'em all~!

To Mum and Dad,
It was really nice talking to you guys earlier.
Hopefully I'll be able to put my plan into action soon.
Love you all!


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sorry, I'm late!

So sorry for not been able to blog.
I've been busy busy and also keeping myself fit! =D

Last 2 weeks been really good weeks(besides the weather being terrible).
First of all,
I'm officially 23!
It was a good one this year,
I've got presents from housemates, colleagues and a surprise from James.
I was really happy on my birthday! =D
It all started as he will be busy making his 0117 film competition so he wouldn't have time to celebrate with me, so we had to do it the next day.
But after I finished work on that day, I went to pick up my keys from him and I were told to be ready to go out at half 6. =D
He surprised me by taking me out for a meal, it was a very filling chinese meal.
And we head home and he sang me a birthday song and I cut my homemade birthday cake.
Just the 2 of us in the kitchen, munching away and drinking lemonade with orange juice. hehe~

I was invited to a Garden BBQ Party last Sunday.
It was one of the best BBQ party I've ever been to. The host, Yvonne, I just met her not more than 1 month, she is such a lovely person. She came to pick me up and we went off to Sainsbury's to get more food for the BBQ. When we were in Sainsbury's, it just reminds me so much of shopping with mum. Helping out to get stuff from different aisle, pushing the trolley, carrying the bags. It's just felt really nice to be able to go shopping like this again.
I didn't manage to take any pictures of the BBQ as I left my camera inside. =(
We were really lucky to have the weather on our side and the food was delicious, so as the company. I manage to promote my freelance seamstress job and got a few on hand from Yvonne. =)

James didn't got his through his 1st interview and finally moving into his new flat.
He picked the smallest room which is a good thing as smaller room cheaper rent. He was quite upset about not getting the job and we had a little bit of row. We talked things through and it's all good now. Just needs more positive vibe from both ends. =)

I've been thinking about quiting my job, I really mean seriously thinking about it. This whole week we had customers coming in to complain and getting a go on me. These customers are slowly turning into jokes, just that sometimes these jokes do offend me. Hmmm... And from time to time I was left to deal with these jokes by myself. Sigh...
I've been talking to Fiona about it, she had been really supportive and thought that I should give it a go if I could cope with my financial situation. On the other end, I am a bit freaked out and unsure wether I'll be able to cope or not. I've also spoke to Yvonne about it and she said it could actually work out if go on and start a business doing alterations/dressmaking. Yvonne is also very supportive and she shows lots of encouragement. But somehow, I felt like I'm wondering on a fork road, I knew which way to go but just don't have the guts to make the first move. =/
I need a little PUSH!

I was invited by Yvonne for dinner at hers today. And today, she invited James as well. It was really funny going over to hers, it felt like meeting the parents. Both of us was standing outside making sure we're both properly dressed and presentable on her doorsteps. lol!
Her husband came to get the door and invited us in. Yvonne greeted us and we were introduced to her brother, Oscar, her nephew, Kenneth and his 2 kids.
Tonight's dinner was wonderful, we had 8 people sitting on a round table. It's just like a proper family meal, I just miss that so so much. We had salmon, chicken curry, sweetcorn patty, broccoli and cauliflower with mushroom and the yummy cakes from Valerie Patisserie. Lucky me!
Yvonne's place is always so accommodating and somehow it felt like a place close to home. =)
I'm very grateful to get to know such a wonderful person.

Right, time for me to go to bed and get all ready for tomorrow.
Tomorrow might be the day I'll find out my move on the fork road.
I'll be marching on to the Bridal House and ask about the job!
From then I'll know what I have to do.

Loads of love,

*sorry if there are any typo, will have to go straight to bed as my eyes are closing down* =P

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Happy Father's Day!
We're now half way through the year
almost my birthday! Wheeee~~~
I've got an E-card from my dearest daddy, mummy and bro, THANK YOU! <3

This weekend has been quite a quiet one.
I've been in the whole time and surprisingly it was nice.

Tried Pilates for the first time, it was more intense than I thought.
Although I didn't sweat at all, I actually felt drained.
I am so going to keep doing it until I nail down all the exercises.
Hopefully before the Summer ends I'll have a toned body! =P

Other than Pilates, I've also shortened all my trousers!
All in perfect length now~! *happy*
The left overs. =D

Followed by pressing all my beddings, sleeping on my neatly pressed beddings now.
Feeling really POSH! *silly me*

Once again,
Happy Father's Day!
How I wish I am back to celebrate it with you, Papa!
Love you loads my dearest Daddy, Mummy and Isaac!


Thursday, 9 June 2011


It's June already!
It makes me shiver sometimes when I think about how fast time flies.
I was feeling a little down last week and I really miss home.
What makes it worse was I failed my assessment at work. =/
The trainer said, "Everything is good but your sales are not good enough for me to give you a pass." So I'll be having another assessment on the 7th July and my manager said to me, "If you didn't pass again, you might lose your job."
Very important piece of information from the manager. *sigh*
Oh well! I'll do my best on my sales. Wish me luck~

For this week, things are getting so far so good.
I've updated my CV,
I've went to ask about French courses in Bristol City College,
And I've went for an interview in a Bridal Shop near my work place.
The interview went really well, I've got quite good response and it seems to be quite promising.
I really hope that I'll get the job. =)

Pictures to share~
Vege Ba Zang, I've got some them from the temple in London.
They are lovely, James tried it and he actually loves it. LOL!

And I've tried something new last week,
proudly present my new recipe, Sausage with vege in spicy tomato sauce. =D

As I missed home so much, I've made some Restoran Nasi Kandar food on last Sunday,
Roti Canai(Prata, got it from ASDA, frozen pack), Vadai(Prepacked mixture from ASDA) and Salmon Fish Curry(Curry paste from Malaysia). =D
Felt very satisfying and happy after the meal!

To my dearests, sorry for the delay in updating.
Catch you all later~

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Back from my holiday,
Back from my London visiting and sharing trip,
Back to my cozy nest,
Back to work!

My Spain trip had been not too bad, but it was my first ever holiday that I don't really get to enjoy food as much as I wanted. Everything went really well at first, enjoyed the weather and got a little burnt on my shoulders on the first day. All is good! But on the second day, I've got hit by the bug and been running in and out from the toilet. And got myself a jab the next day too! Woohoo, happy times~ Spent half of the expenses on medication but it's all worth it as I was pretty much healed when I was in Barcelona! =D

My conclusion for Spain(in May) would be:
Great weather, sunny yet cooling just right for holiday.
Great food, more to choose and so much fresher than England(But Penang food is still the best).
and not to be missed out,
LOADS TO SEE! I didn't have enough time to go around Barcelona, it was a little too rush. The next time will have to spend at least 4 days in Barcelona.

From this holiday, I've learnt not to be stingy and HAVE TO BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE WHENEVER I FLY!

These lovelies worth RM150 to keep me on the run, LOL!

Back packer on the beach!

*will stop here for now,will update more soon*

Lots of love,

Sunday, 8 May 2011

The past weeks had added a few lines into my chapter of life. It definitely made me realize how important family means and why should we take good care of ourselves and stay healthy. I am really glad that after the crazy week, I got to spend a day with mum shopping and catching up with loads of things that I've been missing out. I appreciate these moments so much more than I used to, I really wish I can do it more often.
Our catching up session, mum with her gelato and me with my lemonade with mint.
Mum lost so much weight during this trip in UK, her face is now smaller than mine.

Before mum went back to Penang, she came over to Bristol for a 2 nights and I got the opportunity to treat her for Mother's day dinner in advanced. =D
We went for Spanish Cuisine.

The meat lover starter. James introduced mum to olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. =)

We didn't know what to order, end up got tapas instead of the big portion paella.

A picture of all of us, Mum, Elaine, me and James.
Happy Mother's Day mummy!

After the whole hectic pace, my usual Sunday became very unusual, I felt very unsettled and grumpy. Even magnum ice-cream didn't help to make me feel better.
Please take away the negativity, and give me some POSITIVE VIBE!!!

Nachos for Sunday dinner!
My first ever chilli con carne from scratch.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Unusual London Trip.

The beautiful weather in London for the not-so-beautiful occasion.

Last Sunday morning, I've got a phone call from mum, big cousin bro had left us. This is too sudden, I can't even register it into my mind and the next thing I know is that I have to go up to London to be with cousin's gf(Elaine). The journey to London seems to be longer than usual, I didn't know neither what to expect, how to react nor what to do, all that I know is I had to stay calm and be strong for Elaine and for my family.

In London, there are so much to do, we rushed in and and out of Central London to get things sorted. It was terribly heartbreaking to see Elaine going through this loss. I can't imagine how many times more painful she felt than me and I can't imagine how to my uncle and Connie(cousin sister) cope. When mum, Connie and Elaine's brother arrived in London, it got even more emotional and intense. Other than that I also got manager telling me that I might lose my job if I don't come back to work on Friday. My feeling changes like the weather, from depression to stress then to frustration and it goes recycling round and round. I was very worried that I won't be able to get everything done by Thursday. At some point, I wasn't even sure wether I could cope with all this. I am really glad that mum came over and I am also very grateful to have friends helping, my housemates and James being there and giving me support.

Life is short, please take good care of yourselves before it is too late. Live it to the fullest and be healthy and happy always.