Sunday, 17 July 2011

Puff Pastry Frenzy!

Another week has gone!
They do go quickly, don't they?
Well, update for the week:

I've tried to check on The Mews(for the part time seamstress job) last Monday, but it was shut. I guess the boss is still on her holiday. =/
So I'm going to try again tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Don't know what happen to me, but I've been going crazy on puff pastry with Chicken Curry.
On Tuesday, I went over to James' and made Chicken Curry Pie! =D

Chicken Curry Pie with our initial on top, not very clear in this picture. hehe!

The curry paste I used was good! Deli Cafe Chicken Curry paste, highly recommended!

Mr. Fromage trying out his toffee apple! LOL~
They didn't work out in the end as the recipe he made was more like caramel than toffee. Haha!

Here comes my Sunday treat!
Chicken Curry Puffs, the cheating way. =D
Using puff pastry and baked instead of fried.
They turn out quite good and this batch of curry puffs have green peas in them!
Green peas just work so well with the chicken and potatoes. =)

Have quite a number of 'buka mulut' ones as I didn't seal the edge properly.

Love 'em all~!

To Mum and Dad,
It was really nice talking to you guys earlier.
Hopefully I'll be able to put my plan into action soon.
Love you all!


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